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Winter is coming, and we all know what it means: dry, damaged skin. Cold and wind are the number one enemies during the cold season, especially for facial skin which is often the most exposed. 

Why does the cold dry out the skin?

Not only the cold, but above all the temperature changes between the heated interiors and the cold of the open air. During these months of cold temperatures, the body defends itself by delivering a greater amount of blood to the internal organs. All this is to the detriment of the skin that is less perfused. This leads to a decrease in the production of collagen and the appearance of the first typical symptoms: itching, the skin appears drier and finally becomes cracked and reddened. 

The skin of the face is subjected to the action of these external agents throughout the year. However, in winter, also due to the cold wind, the skin dehydration process takes place faster.

All these elements contribute to thinning the cutaneous hydrolipidic film. A sort of protective layer of lipids that covers our entire body, which by failing, makes our skin dry.

How to protect the skin of the face from the cold?

The most obvious and immediate answer is to cover yourself well. When you go out in the coldest hours, it is good to protect the skin of the face with scarves and hats, or if you are at high altitude, wear a balaclava. This is a simple and immediate action, but sometimes it is not enough. So how can you effectively and completely protect your face from the cold?

The first fundamental element is only one: willpower. To be sure to achieve good results and maintain them for a long time, you must be consistent in skin care. To have a beautiful, bright and hydrated skin even in winter, you have to take care of it every day.

Before going out, before even dressing and covering, the skin must be prepared for the cold. A good preparation allows the skin to adapt well not only to cold temperatures but also to wind and humidity. A preparation that should not only be seasonal, but should be applied throughout the year to prevent any type of problem. 

A skincare that saves your skin

Let’s now look specifically at the actions to be taken to protect the skin from cold and cracks. First, your face should be thoroughly cleansed with water and a mild, non-aggressive mornings and evenings mild soap.

Subsequently, the skin of the face should be nourished and deeply hydrated. For this reason we must use specific creams suitable for your skin type. At the beginning of the day, the skin should be super hydrated to prevent it from cracking and drying out due to the cold and wind.

For this purpose we can recommend our moisturising and brightening Hydrata Plus snail slimecream. Thanks to the extraordinary natural active ingredients contained in our 100% Made in Italy organic Snail Slime, the skin will remain hydrated for a long time and will regain its radiance. A moisturising effect that becomes even more powerful when used together with the ultra-hydrating brightening serum Hydrata Plus. Thanks to this serum-gel that contains a natural element such aslow molecular weight hyaluronic acid, the moisturising effect will reach even the deepest layers of the skin and also help the skin in the production of collagen that is slowed down during the winter.

During the night instead the skin of the face has to be recharged. We should not use overly aggressive creams filled with mineral oils, parabenes or other artificial substances, otherwise we would get the opposite effect. The face needs to be pampered and nourished. For this reason we can recommend our nourishing and restructuring snail slime cream from organic farming Repair Plus. This cream gently takes care of your face. A moisturising and nourishing action that regenerates the skin. In addition, thanks to the addition of natural elements such asAvocado Oil and Shea Butter, the cream also obtains a regenerating power that slows down the ageing process and fights free radicals.

Practical tips for the care and washing of the face during the winter

Another important tip to keep in mind is not to wash your face too frequently during the day. As we said, a wash in the morning and evening is enough. If instead we wash and cleanse the skin continuously throughout the day, the skin is likely to become more sensitive and even drier.

Even though the cold temperatures might entice us to take a nice shower or a bath with very hot water, we should be careful. The problem in this case is the temperature spike that occurs the moment we step out of the shower or bathtub. The temperature difference between hot and cold negatively stimulates the microcirculation of blood in the skin. In practice, it damages the action of the capillaries that perfuse the skin tissues leading to cracked or reddened skin.

Finally, as for summer, it is also important to drink a lotin winter. Not only for the hydration of the whole body but also for the hydration of the skin. Well-hydrated skin is less likely to dry out even if it is very cold.

Keep following us for more tips and curiosities on skin care and visit our Bioat Shop to consult the entire catalogue of creams and serums with Snail Slime.