The face products par excellence are the face serum and cream. They are now part of the beauty routine of millions of women, but to achieve the desired results, it is necessary to choose them wisely and based on the type of skin and time of year. That’s why we want to clarify what the difference between a serum and a face cream really is.

La Cream 

The fundamental task of face cream is hydration. The most effective formulations combine the nourishing action with an elasticising and firming activity. In the case of dry skin or face cream at night, richer and fuller compositions are used, able to guarantee hydration throughout the day or for hours of rest. 

The serum

The serum has a liquid or gel texture rich in active ingredients concentrated in very high levels.  Facial serum formulations are usually rich in vitamins, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, amino acids or other dermatologically tested substances to be biocompatible with the epidermis. The repair serum for the face differs from the cream to be free of “oily” substances usually used to produce the emollient or nourishing textures of the cream for the face; this peculiarity allows a faster and deeper absorption by the skin and evident results, if you maintain consistency in the applications. 


The main difference between serum and cream lies in the fact that the second is usually fatter, helps to strengthen the fat part of the cells that contain water, while the serum has a more directaction, as it gives water to the skin in a direct way. In addition, the cream has an efficacy that is evident in the medium term, while the effect of the serum is more immediate although less persistent.

That is why it is essential to use them together.

The benefits

Serums are highly concentrated cosmetic products , created to give the skin an abundant amount of molecules it needs to stay healthy. In skincare routines, the serum helps the skin prepare for subsequent treatments, while also giving moisture.

As anticipated, the action of face serums should always be supported by the application of the face cream selected according to your skin type, as they are formulated to penetrate in the deepest layers of the dermis also the beneficial elements present in the cream, ensuring the skin a beauty that does not go away over time.

In addition, the active ingredients generally present in serums are very concentrated, which guarantees their effectiveness even in small doses.

Depending on the set of active ingredients in the chosen serum and cream, using both is useful for:

  • plumping the skin;
  • toning the face;
  • revitalization the skin;
  • prevent the formation of wrinkles or reduce those present;
  • smoothing the skin.

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