Pelle stressata

Work, the frenzy of everyday life, climate change and air pollution. These are all factors that contribute to our stresslevels. The skin of our face also undergoes this stress and for this reason we must be careful and take care of it. Want to know causes and remedies for stressed skin? Then continue reading this article to intervene in the right way and prevent damage to the skin that can be easily avoided.

Causes of stressed skin

Our psycho-physical stress is often somatized by our body with a variety of symptoms. Some of these can occur in one of the most exposed parts of our body: the skin of our face. In fact, the face is the part of the body that suffers more than all the effects, for example, of atmospheric agents such as wind or cold. Not only that, even some bad habits like a wrong diet, smoking or excessive alcohol consumption can cause stress to the skin.

Another cause, often underestimated, is lack of sleep. Our body needs to respect some natural rhythms. If these rhythms are altered for a prolonged period, then the body suffers, leading to the onset of some internal diseases (even serious) and also some imperfections on the skin of the face.

Finally, even if you follow a healthy and balanced lifestyle, respecting the rhythms and balances of our body, you can have stressed skin. The most common cause? It’s simple, a lack of a daily skincare or the use of unnatural cosmetic products with potentially harmful chemical elements.

Symptoms of stressed skin

Now that we’ve identified some of the causes, let’s find out what stressed skin actually looks like to our eyes. As we mentioned before, the stress accumulated in our body can be somatized by our body with some more or less serious pathologies of our skin such as: urticaria, rosacea, eczema or acne.

Acne is one of the main symptoms of stressed skin. Due to the imbalances in our body, the skin on our face begins to produce excess sebum. This leads to the skin becoming inflamed and hypersensitive. The most common manifestations of this process are the annoying pimples that often appear at the least opportune moments.

Another very common symptom of stressed skin is dryness. Often, in fact, if you sweat a lot (especially in summer) or if you don’t protect your face from the cold (in winter) and don’t rehydrate your body by drinking a lot of fluids, your skin can become dry and scaly. Also, when we are under stress we tend to drink a lot of coffee or alcohol. This aggravates the situation because dehydration problems will worsen. We talk about dry skin and how to treat it in this article.

We explained earlier how lack of sleep is one of the causes of stressed skin. The symptoms are the classic bags under the eyes and dark circles. In general, when the skin is stressed it appears dull, often it is dry and more likely to show the signs of the passage of time: the dreaded wrinkles.

Practical tips

Before talking about natural products and remedies for stressed skin, here are some simple tips that can reduce the stress that builds up in our body, going to help our skin as well:

  • Drink plenty of water: whether it’s summer or winter, hydration is essential. If the symptoms of stress is skin dryness then let’s help it by drinking fewer sugary drinks, coffee or alcohol and prefer the dear old water
  • Having a proper and balanced diet: consuming foods rich in sugars and fats, alcohol or foods with artificial additives do not help our skin. By preferring a healthy meal with lots of seasonal fruits and vegetables, our general health conditions are helped with a detoxification of our skin
  • Playing sports and doing physical activity: sports and movement also have detoxifying functions for our body. By increasing our heartbeat and blood flow, skin cells are nourished and regenerated
  • Quit smoking: Quitting smoking is recommended in any case. Smoking is not good for the skin causing a chemical alteration that causes the destruction of collagen and elastin
  • Mental health: Last but not least, mental health. Maintaining a correct biorhythm is important to regain physical and psychological well-being. After 8 hours of uninterrupted good sleep, the skin will wake up more relaxed and smooth. Finally, also following meditation and positive thinking sessions can help relieve the accumulated stress. A rediscovered peace that will also affect the health of the skin, also erasing dark circles or bags under the eyes.

Natural remedies for stressed skin

Sometimes, even following all these tips, the skin still has imperfections or continues to be dry and stressed. To complete this process of caring for our skin you must have a daily skincare with natural products that adapt to our skin type.

Choosing the right products can correct some specific symptoms of stressed skin by helping it regain its colour, relaxing it and relieving wrinkles.

First of all, before applying cosmetic products, the skin must be clean and dry. It is important to use cleansers that respect the natural pH of the skin, without damaging the skin barrier that do not deprive our skin of natural oils.

Then it is important to integrate the face seruminto our skincare. We talked about it in this article. Soothing, moisturising and regenerating serums (such as the Perfecta PlusSerum, Hydrata Plus and Repair Plus) help the skin by acting with their powerful concentrated beneficial properties, in the deepest layers of the skin. 

Finally we should apply the cream with its specific function and according to our needs. When we decide to buy a serum or cream we should try to buy a natural and organic product with few or no artificial elements, such as our pure organic snail slime creams and serums

The reason is that some of the elements present in some creams and serums such as mineral oils, silicones and parabenes can have adverse effects on the health of our skin. By choosing a product with natural ingredients and active ingredients, you are sure to have a skincare that respects the balance of our skin and at the same time also respects the environment.