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Come applicare crema e siero


The serum is a hydration elixir that thanks to its light texture is quickly and easily absorbed, managing to penetrate the deepest layers of the skin, evening the complexion and hydrating the ageing of the enlarged pores. To achieve maximum results, carefully follow the various application steps:MAKE SURE YOUR...

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What is the difference between serum and cream?

The face products par excellence are the face serum and cream. They are now part of the beauty routine of millions of women, but to achieve the desired results, it is necessary to choose them wisely and based on the type of skin and time of year. That’s why we...

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Pelle stressata

Stressed skin, how to treat it: Natural causes and remedies

Work, the frenzy of everyday life, climate change and air pollution. These are all factors that contribute to our stresslevels. The skin of our face also undergoes this stress and for this reason we must be careful and take care of it. Want to know causes and remedies for stressed...

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Contorno Occhi

Eye Contour: How to Take Care of It

As the name itself says, the eye contour is thearea around the eye. An area from the inner corner of the eye to the end of the eyebrow. This particular area of ours is very delicate, let’s discover together why it is important to take care of it to...

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Siero Viso

Face Serum, What’s it for?

In the classic daily facial skincare routine, most of us now use a moisturiser, anti-imperfection or anti-ageing cream. The benefits of regular use of a natural cream without oils or parabenes are now well established. However, one of the products we know less about is undoubtedly the face serum. For...

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Pelle Secca Inverno

Winter arrives: Tips for Combating Dry Skin

Winter is coming, and we all know what it means: dry, damaged skin. Cold and wind are the number one enemies during the cold season, especially for facial skin which is often the most exposed. Why does the cold dry out the skin?Not only the cold, but above all the temperature changes between...

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Vigordarzere Storia e Tradizione

Vigodarzere: History and Tradition of Our Territory

Today we want to talk to you about our territory. The reason is simple. Our history and our successes are deeply linked with the land from which they originated. In our case we are talking about the Municipality of Vigodarzere.  Almost 8 km from Padua, this municipality of 13,000 inhabitants is...

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Bava di lumaca: i suoi benefici in cosmetica

Snail Slime: What is it, what are its benefits?

What is Snail SlimeSnails, slugs and slime. No, don’t go. You didn’t end up on a gardening blog. Today we want to talk about the union between snail slime and the world of medicine and cosmetics. In fact, this product is becoming increasingly sought after due to the incredible effectiveness of its active ingredients.Many women and...

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